(I don't know what happened to the first thread I made on this. I was sure I made it, then I went to go eat supper and came back it was vanished )

Anyway, so I downloaded the demo of I Wanna be The Guy, and I liked it, so I DLed the full version, but then when I rune the .exe:

cool. wait, what?

This is Larry The If you click him, he will give you magic powers.

If you are not willing to die for the perfect s'more, Then you don't deserve a s'more at all.
try runing the exe not runeing it lol jk

it was likely moved from your temp files so you will have to find it elseware or just dl it again

btw you have inspired me to start playing again, I never got very far
Well it's not in the temp folder. It's where it's supposed to be after DLing. I tried running it from there, and same problem.

I kind of don't want to download it again, seeing as it's 80 MB and I have a monthly limit.
good to see UG is on your first place
can't help you though