Basically im upgrading all my gear to better stuff and lately I just upgraded my amp to PEAVEY VALVEKING 112.

Now my next task is learning how to get the right tone for songs rather than just getting the tuning then picking clean or metal.

So I have a BOSS MT2 Metal Zone which is not bad, but I just feel its really hard to get a decent tone from. I like learning the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, In Flames etc... Metal.

I seen the popular thing everyone uses is a POD XT.

I was just wondering if I bought one of them would that be the thing I would upgrade from the Metal Zone or is the POD XT a totally different thing?

Is it any good?
Does anyone have links on how to get like Avenged Sevenfold tones etc?

Just all the information and guidance you can give me would be great,

Thanks in advance,

You do know the PodXT isn't a pedal, right? The PodXT is great for what it is, but I don't think that's what you're looking for. You'll get better results out of your setup if you get an OD, crank your amp, and use the OD as a boost.
pods are good. you can use it thru the front end of the amp (guitar in) or thru the FX loop return to simply utilize the poweramp section.

whatever you decide, it'll be heads and shoulders above the metalzone.

a more cost efficient solution if you're just after a good distorted sound, would be tubescreamer type overdrive pedal thru the distorted channel on your amp.
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So basically my setup is good but to get rid of the crunch sound I would need an overdrive pedal which I seen was a Bad Monkey at £30.

And the POD XT, I know its not a pedal but what would you call it? A FX/Tone Preset system or something? I mean what can the POD do that I cant do with what I got?
The PodXT is loaded with amp, cab, and mic models, and also there's a ton of effects, delays, reverbs, compressors, etc. at your fingertips. The Pod's are a great tool for recording, practicing, and even gigging, but if you're gigging an XTL would be the better way to go. The XTL is the PodXT packed into a floor unit.

The Bad Monkey should be more than good enough.
My friend said that you wont get a good overdrive pedal for under £50 (aka Bad Monkey is bad)

What others are there and does anyone have the BM to review on it.