i have just recently made a lot of progress practising pinch harmonics, but i find that although i can now do them easily around the thicker strings, i get no sound at all out of the high e string after about the 13th fret the string just sounds dead.

i am sure my technique may be the cause, but is this a common problem, should i be aware it is harder to do them on the higher frets?

also, as a self taught guitarist i was an idiot and never held the pick properly but now i have changed i find that i am exposing very little pick for lead and pinch harmonics but this makes strumming very very hard, as i keep catching my fingers on the strings. do people usually have more of the pick showing for strumming, and less for lead or do i just need to get used to strumming with very little pick exposed?
Well, to answer the second question, yes, people do show the pick for strumming...

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To answer your first question, it's always harder to hit harmonics on the higher frets. i try to solve that problem with high gain pedals. as for your second question generaly you would strumm with more pick and lead with less pick showing. but depending on how long you've been playing and if ur used to it then you'll learn to adapt to how you play.
and the other question...a pinch harmonic above the 12th fret on the e string is dam near impossible
thanks very much. so why are pinch harmonics harder on higher frets, and which fret tends to be "the limit"?
No real limit, it depends on how well your guitar is setup. However, any harmonic, pinch included, are strongest at the halfway point between fret and bridge. That's why the 12th fret has a really strong harmonic.
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You can still play harmonics, it's just that as the string gets shorter (by you fretting closer to the bridge) the notes get higher and the string vibrates for less time. That means you're getting even higher pitched notes that are ringing for much less time so you're not likely to hear a lot of them.
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