Hey Guys..I have a Synyster Gates Custom from Schecter for sale. I bought this new for $1,000.00 but I have no use for it.. Im being shipped off soon overseas..

I don't really know the value of this guitar anymore.. Nothing at all is wrong with it, I will put new strings on it.. Has alot of cool features like Coil Tap and the Floyd Rose bridge. It very nice. So Im putting it up for $500.00 shipped. I'm NOT shipping outside the US. That would be too expensive.

Thanks guys! Shoot me a PM or what ever..

Only Pic I have:

how long have you used and owned it? you could get around $700-800 for it if its in good condition. Free Bump.
Ive had it about 6 months maybe? Got it directly from their website..

Its in excellent condition... The only thing that wrong with it is there is a string mising. Which isnt a big deal lol.

Well I said 500. I dont even need 500 for it, Id like to get that much tho. Thanks.
BTW thats looks like a synyster standard not custom.

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tele?! im dying for one of these man. i got a nice tele i got pics on the waY OF and a seymour duncan tweak fuzz that i would trade for that. and then we pay each of our own shipping.

oh the tele has a case as well.
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