Alright, I am looking for something for RHCP, Sublime, Pepper, Classic rock, rock, modern rock. My Zoom pedal has great metal sounds, but it can't fix a bad clean sound, and I want one awesome lead tone from an amp. I'm guessing around 50 watts tube, 400-600$ for a used head, or 500-700$ for a used combo. Cleans are important, and must have good rock distortion, doesn't have to get very metal. I was considering Marshall DSL or JCM800. I just read that the Orange's have good cleans, I don't like the peavey sound much, and I don't think I can get a Mesa in my price range. Any ideas?
you should look into a traynor ycv40. they are made in ontario and you can find used ones for $450, new for around $700
I have a Crate Palomino v32, it's an awesome amp for the money. You can get it new at guitar center for 400