I pretty much stick to craiglist, which is nice, but I was wondering, is there anything that's comparable in terms of popularity which is sort of a combo between craigslist and a personals site like myspace or facebook?

I'm looking for something where I put up a profile that works sort of as an eternal ad, the specific sound I'm looking for in my project, as well as some influences that people can search for, and I can search for others as well. Myspace is a great site to link to through other classifieds, but it doesn't really seem to work as a classfieds on its own, I've never been contacted through myspace because someone was searching on there to start a project with similar tastes as mine.

To reiterate, I'm looking for a site that people specifially go to find other musicians, like craigslist, but has has the options of personal profiles that don't expire like ads in a month, so I can search for other musicians and be found more easily.

I've found on craiglist, people usually give up after a few months, there's no knowing if I missed meeting musician that fit the criteria I was looking for because I missed that narrow window when we were both putting our names out there.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
r u looking for a band through an internet site where u can have your own profile like this one?
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Either a band or other musicians. I'm specifically looking for a drummer, but I would be interested in browsing other people's profiles and projects.