Current drummer is leaving in the summer, want to continue playing shows once he leaves.

Want someone who hits the skins like Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt, very loose, primal bursts of energy, but with still a strong sense or rhythm underneath the chaos. The main sound of this project is big Lightning Bolt riffs mixed with Godspeed You Black Emperor's ambiance and crescendos.

Lightning Bolt footage:

Also, interested in a vocalist in the style of At the Drive-In era Cedric Bixler, sort of a rantier, stream-of-consciousness Zack de la Rocha, but w/ vocals filtered and buried in the mix like Chippendale's in Lightning Bolt.

Want to go in the direction of At the Drive in live, w/ the sound mentioned above.

ATDi footage:


Real recordings should be up next week.

You can contact me through myspace, or email me at: piesore@gmail.com