Ok ive been taking guitar for about 3 months, and i am working on smoke on the water. The last lesson i was introduced to the g minor pentatonic scale. I am supposed to make up a solo for the song using it. But i am having a hard time, any tips or links to help.
The teacher says the scale is.......

e-3,6 fret

well, a good place to start is D string fifth fret.
bending the g string on fifth fret is also good.
Other than that, using those notes, just play what sounds good to you!
screw the song
-play that scale 10000 times, in different styles and tempos. then just play the notes out of order. then put it to the song
^ That's the best diagram I ever seen.

Here's one that I made one year ago (It's in A. Just move everything 2 frets to the left):

And here's a video lesson that I once made. You can see how to apply the scale to solo there.

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