When I'm using the Whammy function on my GNX3 I always manage to turn the wah on when I put the toe all the way down. Is there a way to turn the wah completely off, so putting the toe all the way down does nothing at all?
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ull have to go through expression pedal assignment. in there, u can change whats happens when u push the toe all the way down.. there are 3 different types that can happen so make sure they a all off... so remember V-Switch
So I have EXD PDL1 set to Whammy. EXP PDL2, EXP_PDL3, LFO 1, LFO 2, CTRL1 FS, CTRL2 FS, CTRL3 FS are all set to NO LINK. It still switches the wah on though. ??
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Cool thanks. I'm fairly convinced it can't be done (turning the wah completely off) because it'll turn on at every single preset.
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Anyone else know how to use their equipment better than I do?

EDIT: Guitar equipment, that is....
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