Which one should i buy?
I'd like a tone similar kurt cobain or slash.
nothing too expensive either.
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first of all what guitar are you putting theses in and if they need to be humbuckers or single coil then i can help you out dude okay.
You're not going to be able to tell the difference with that amp or guitar. I would get a new amp first, and you won't even need the POD anyway.
CJRocker is right man after really looking at your gear you don't want to invest in new pickups, wait awhile save your cash buy a bitchen american made instrument or something of equal quality that fits what ever need you so desire then hold onto some cash after that then upgrade the pickups. Trust me its worth it. I waited got an american strat then waited like two years later to upgrade pickups, it makes a bigger difference with high end gear and you will be alot happier in the end.
if you want Cobain, go get a DS-1.
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Walker Rose.
Slash uses seymore duncan alnico IIs
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Epi VJ Stack

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To put it in perspective, for Slash, I would go with a Duncan Alnico Pro II in the neck, and to cover your Nirvana bases and Slash leads a JB in the bridge. Thats about $170. You're 2/3rds of the way to a good used tube amp.

believe us when we say get a new amp. new pickups will do **** all compared to getting a new amp. And then get a new guitar altogether.
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Well cobain's sound comes from Jaguars/Mustangs and the like whereas slash's comes from les pauls. I personally would get a new amp over new pickups anyday, but if i really had to say then go for a humucker like the duncan one's already suggested. Getting Cobain's sound from a humbucker might be slightly easier than getting Slash's sound from a single coil. Don't quote me on that though, just a humbucker with a coil split might get useable tones

EDIT: after looking at your gear I would suggest new amp and maybe a new guitar. Is your Ibanez an RG?
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my old ones are on their death bed.

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actually, these pickups i DO need cuz my old ones are on their death bed.

No, they aren't.

Your selector switch, your pots, your soldering, your cables or your amp might be - the pickups are fine though.
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