i went into a collectible/ antique type store because my mom wanted to buy something, and the most beautiful acoustic/electric guitar caught my eye.
i loved it. so i went over to play it... and it played nice and easy and sounded great. i looked at the headstock and it said "Bently"
So i was like 'WTF is Bentley?' and the store owner never heard of it either.
it is like an off white color, cutaway, black pickguard, black binding. BEAUTIFUL (in my opinion) i noticed a few minor scratches but i was determined to buy it, so the store owner told me i could have it for $100.00
i was shocked. i came back the next day and got it.
but i've never heard of "Bently" i wanted to know if any of you have heard of them.

(the model # on the inside sticker is #51200PW)
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look for a button... it might be a tranformer... that turns into a continental...


that might help
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