hi ppl, i've played for a little time 2 months and all that time i've practice Techniques,Rithm,Speed, every day sitting down 4-8 hours and just killing my self, now i just reach a point that its woring me just playing pentatonic scales or groups of four, i want to study some music damn, but i have a problem "I dont know where to start from" im Metal lover , all that i have is a book but i dont know if its good or not for the tipe of music i want to play "Metal - Progressive", Yeah im confused :P.

sry for my english hhh :P

the thing about metal is that most of the riffs are scales that are either missing notes or with different rhythms. You probably know a lot of scales by now so learning other metal shouldnt be too hard.
as for books, i cant suggest anything. sorry
thats not what i mean man, i mean taking a group of four notes and just going down strings sounds very bad..
First of all, do NOT give up playing scales. Do not expect to turn into Dimebag or Vai in a month or 2. It will take years, even decades to develop speed and you may never reach a level comparable to that of the players you listen to.

What you need to do is continue practicing scales and reading your book. However, I believe that book is aimed more towards the established beginner audience. You probably should have checked out the beginner book in that series if you have only been learning guitar for such a short period of time.

In conjunction to learning the theory behind metal (including the scales), try learning some simple metal songs. Tell us what bands you listen to and we can try to recommend some novice songs for you to play.

Just... do NOT quit learning scales, they are what metal and all music is founded upon. They are vital!
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Instead of trying to cram your brain full of theory, pick a song you like that's reasonably easy, and start learning it. Then to improve at that song, learn some theory based on what's in that song. That way you not only learn theory, but have already applied it to your playing.
Also, you've only been playing for two months, don't expect to be amazing yet. Keep at it and you'll keep on getting better and better.

edit: Keep in mind that I'm in no way against learning theory. It's one of the best tools to help you improve. I'm just suggesting applying it to things you like before diving headfirst into the deep end of theory..
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today i was trying to play a song called Stratovarius - Stratosphere the real tempo is about 160 cant reach that but im conformed with my maximum tempo 120 and about the influences and bands i ear, dream theater, metallica, pantera, stratovarius, soad and much more.
Okay. Well, those bands have a fairly technical style, which may be a bit confronting for someone at your level. What you could do is choose a song and play it at a very low tempo and work on your technique and gradually build up the tempo.

I suggest trying out something like Aerials by SOAD or sections of Master of Puppets (practice at lower tempos of course).
A blog dedicated to educating beginner's on guitar and music technology.
i allready play aerials and master of puppets too the only thing i miss is the second solo is really hard for me becouse that i was searching for something more difficult and more "scales like" you say it , its really important to learn new licks and develop the scale skillz, so the best i can do is study the hole book? and try to play the basses of diferent styles? this book have this basses: balada,pop rock,rythm and blues, slide blues, blues,heavy blues,acoustic blues,jazz blues,rock and roll, folk country,heavy rock,metal,funk fusion and boogie.

Its name is Seis Cuerdas o Six Strings Lol.

i play eventually soad songs , metallica, nirvana,slipknot with my friends we do covers but any one of us know any **** about the theory thats the prob :P so i want to start :P
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I recommend that all your friends learn a single scale in a particular key (E minor is considered 'metal') and then you would be able to improvise with ease.

You don't need to no much theory to be able to jam with a couple of mates.
A blog dedicated to educating beginner's on guitar and music technology.
hi,i gotta agree with james4,if you are stuck at a set of traffic lights.pick a song that you think you could achieve then get hold of the tab and go for it.also try a little improv over you're metal songs,pick out licks you really like and try and nail them.http://www.guitarworld.com/ i hope you check out some of those licks!