Ive been playing for 2 years, and ive decided that music is what i want to do with my life. I have a friend that i play with, but there are a few problems.

First of all i really like this kid a lot, i was good friends with him b4 he started playing, which was in about june. Im 15 in high school, he is 22 about 2 graduate, so you can already tell that we r in different points in our lives, i am full on about making music a career. dont get me wrong, he loves playing the guitar just as much as me, but thats not his goal right now, ive had many conversations with him, and he sais that he is looking to get more of a normal job, but if we start getting really good, he will definetly go with it.

Second, we have somwhat different tasts in music, he is 90% 60's 70's music. I love that stuff as well, but for example im a big ska/reggea/funk fan, which he doesnt seem to like. We say that we think itll b a cool combination for a band to have his beatles/ stones style and my 311/chili peppers/sublime style. Do u think this can wrk?

Also he lives a little bit of a drive today, i cant drive yet and am more busy with school than him, and we are of different ages so we dont exactly hang out on the weekends, so we only get 2 play with each other 1 or 2 times a month if were lucky.

In conclusion, what do u think i should do, forget about him and move on, or try to make it wrk. Remember, if there was one person in the world i would start a band with, it would b this guy.
sry when i said "Also he lives a little bit of a drive today" i ment "away" instead of "today"
Yea, you could try and make it work, but with the huge age difference and the different style of music..plus the travelling, I see it falling apart if it does happen.

There's no harm in trying though. You never know, he could love what you guys come up with and become a permanent member.
let me clarify, its not that far away, like a 20 minute drive, but right now its hard to get rides, when i start driving i can go over there all the time, but that wont b for about a year or so
Well, you'll either have to ask him to go to your house or find somewhere between you both. My earlier post still applies though

Good luck!