ok, so i'm thinking of getting a wah pedal. i play everything from zeppelin and classic rock to modern rock along with a little bit of heavy metal. my budget isn't really set yet and my amp right now isn't worth mentioning but i'm getting a peavey valve king royal 8 in a month or so. i also know that two of the biggest names for wahs are crybaby and vox. i also know that ibanez makes one. so, i go to ug to help me decide...help me please?
i've been to long and mcquade and the guys there really like the jimi hendrix dunlop. i didnt try it yet but im gonna go and do that soon. it was $135 canadian
i use a behringer Hell Babe. got it for like 35 bucks. search google for it, Mus.Friend doesnt carry it.

It has different knobs ad settings, so its really versatile. i play mostly classic rock, metal punk and blues haha, so it works great.
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I have a Vox V847a and it work fine for me. It's the wah Hendrix used the most, so if you want to reproduce his sound... The Vox is bad for metal or any overdriven music, it sounds like a chainsaw especially when pushed with the heel. The truth is : avoid Crybabies