i thin you guys are awesome. im just not really a fan of the vocals
Yea, you guys are pretty good. I'm not too keen on the vocals either, it sounds like the singer wasn't really trying too hard. He sounds abit...bored maybe.

Oh 1 more thing, the myspace is annoying, its hard to read any of the text because it kinda blends into the background. You have to select the text to read it....
Yeah, i admit were not the strongest singers
but where were from a decent singer is hard to come by
if i said we sing much better live would you believe me?
it was out first time in the studio so we were a little nervous
hey I live in Imperial California!! wow nice to meet someone who is from there too.
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
i like it alot. except for the voice. not that its a bad voice, just the guy is singing some notes that are off key.
I dig it. Reminds of Plus 44 and late Blink 182. but more developed.
I think it's a pretty unique sound.
The artwork is pretty cool too.

The vocals are actually ok.

In "All Things Considered" the riff at about 1:05 sounds too dark for the rest of the song, imo.
If you used the same riff from about 1:41 i think it'd sound a lot better.
I only say this because I was listening to the music and minimized yourspace but I when I heard the riff kick in at 1:05 I thought I was listening to a completely different song.