There are always numerous references to it on posts around my beloved UG, but I've not a clue as to what it is. Someone want to let me in?
A website. If you're really interested, Google it.
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You know a music scene is fucked up when it becomes difficult to keep track of who killed who, who committed suicide and who alledgedly engaged in cannibalism.

4Chan is to Internet Hell what crap is to poop.
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I may not be cool off the internet, but on the internet I am pretty cool.


The Pit Cliff Notes:
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myabe we all suck thats why were sitting at a computer desk talking **** thro the enternet lol

If not all of us, at least him.

its where every stupid and dumb thing from the internet is created.
if u want to know, y dont u just go to it? other than b, its not that offensive

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Where all of the funny jokes of UG originally came from.

Even icyhot?
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Arnt the first few things anyone learns on a guitar is

1. Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
2. Prince - Smoke on the water
3. White stripes - seven nation army

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i figure as long as its not a puppy it's fair game for my penis.
its this image board thats supposed to be sooo bad and evil but its really not much worse than the pit. There are many different boards. the most infamous is /b/ or random. /s/ forum is very handy when your out of p0rn. idk, sometimes its the place to be on the internet, other times its. meh.
The Mitch Clem formula
1)make jokes about rancid and NOFX (as if they dont already make fun of themselves)
2)make obvious punk puns, possibly related to food
3)make fun of Rancid and NOFX again
5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)
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Even icyhot?

I do believe so actualy.

4chan is indeed an image board that most internet memes are created on. It is also where the rules of the internet formed in example the infamous rule #34.

Also lurk moar newfag.
4chan = p0rn, jailbait, unfunny jokes, v for vendetta, Gerard Way
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4chan = p0rn, jailbait, unfunny jokes, v for vendetta, Gerard Way

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"all fatties report to the gym!"

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music should only sound like a train running into a wall of BC riches plugged into line 6 spiders