Alright so today I was gonna get out my metal muff just to play around, and when i plug it in the amp starts humming not like pulsating but just like hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And so I tried a different powersupply, different amp, made sure my cables are working and I have no idea what is wrong! Could anyone give me any advice on what could be causing my pedal to do this?
could be anything. If you've even fixed a solder on your own, you might be able to see something obvious if you had a look inside.. otherwise, take it to a guitar shop, or someone you know who's good with electrics..
I'm assuming this hum wasn't always there? Even with quiet pickups, my Big Muff is noisy as hell. You said you tried different power supplies, have you tried batteries? How about a different power outlet?
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Ok so I got the 9v in it. And now what happens is with the pedal off and amp distortion on, the pedal makes it sound clean.

Its very weird, maybe with the pedal in the chain it seems to be sucking a lot of the output of the guitar.