Considering selling my Peavey 5150 Block Letter Tube Combo Amp. This is a 60 watt amp, with two 12" speakers and some massive tones!

I've upgraded the amp with some new casters, because it is a bit heavy (80 lbs).

I also just put in some brand new JJ Power Tubes, and they sound very nice in this amp!

Amp is in good condition, and has only seen a few gigs. There are 2 or 3 small slashes in the tolex, but I've glued them back down and they aren't really noticeable, and of course, don't affect the tone at all!

Asking for $650 or best offer.


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would you consider trades?
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How much for shipping to 33027?

Did a rough estimate on box size, and came up with $75 shipping, plus the box and materials.

I'd call it $100, even though I know the box and materials would cost well more than that, I'll cover whatever above $100 it is.

And that would be insured UPS shipping.
trade ya an Epiphone Eplorer goth with EMGs 81/85
with gig bag and strap locks 700 dollar value =]
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Quote by ErikHoppy


I'll cover all boxing and shipping costs ($100+ at least) also insurance.

Shipping won't cost that much...

I shipped my 5150 Combo a few months back which was 120lbs packed (and packed well!) in a box that added about 4-6 in on each side and DHL only charged me $92. UPS is rediculous with their pricing, go with DHL, save some cash (that is if you're going with UPS )
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Any interest in a 1989 Robin Medley Custom? They were making the Medley Custom in Japan, then when they started moving production to USA in 1987, they called it the USA version the Medley Custom TX (for Texas).

Usually the USA Robins have "Made in USA" on the headstock and a
Texas shaped logo on the back, but the Medley Customs for some reason didn't. The serial number on mine tells me it's USA as it is six digits (Japan had four). The first two digits are the year, so mine was the 1065th guitar made in 1989 in USA.

It has MOP triangle fret markers, Ebony board, bound body and neck, Robin Floyd Rose, mahogany body with maple neck through. The bridge humbucker is now a Zebra DiMarzio Tone Zone. It will ship in a padded gig bag. My PM's do not work here.


Damn, I was hoping you would ship to Aus to.
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Man, that is exactly what I'm looking for, payday was today. Ill let you know tonight.
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Quote by ErikHoppy
Shipping estimates to Australia...

UPS would cost over $600
DHL would cost over $900
FedEx would cost over $600
USPS can't ship anything over 70 lbs

So, let me know if you guys wanna pay the shipping! :-p

It would still be cheaper then getting one over but ****!!!
Thats insane lol.
I thought it would be like $300 max.
Might have to try and pick up the head instead.
Good luck with the sale dude.
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trade for Jackson DK2T + $450?
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Would you ship to Toronto Canada? I got $500... maybe a little more :0
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Hi, I'm very interested in your 5150, I'll give you $650 if you can ship it to Ottawa, Ontario (K2J-1V5) Thanks, Ryan.
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