I have an old guitar body and a ibanez rg neck and i was going to make a "Frankenstein" guitar...but my question is would emg's sound alright thru the body? its basswood i think. Also it could be a kh202 body

edit : Its not the kh202 body i found my kh202 body ..im using the floyd off it (edit button wasn't working)
i don`t think it matters me and my nephew both have EMG`s my guitar is Agathis (spell?) and his is Mahogany, the 81`s sound pretty much the same and mine sounds better when i flip om the PA2 gain booster

EMG`s are EMG`s no matter what there in.
Basswood can be a little tricky to EQ with EMG's IMO. It's easy to get too fuzzy or muddy with them if you aren't careful, something about the basswood combination. I didn't really like the 85 in my basswood RG, it got kind of "boomy" sounding, and didn't hold the clarity like it does in other woods. The 89 sounded better to me in basswood, even though they are meant to sound the same. The 81 could sound pretty good, but it was kind of hard to balance thickening it up without losing some of that percussive aspect. The 18V mod helped that though. I have to also say, I liked it a lot better as a lead guitar than a rhythm guitar.
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