OK here are the rules, the songs HAVE to be metal, no soul or whatever. The reason is because its the hardest genre I could think of that is basically "evil" driven and thus, no sexyness.

By sexy I mean songs that'd get you in the mood, like that song "Lets Get It On" by that guy (I forget who )
I Cum Blood.


Meh, wanted to get that in first.

Anyway, I find Viking/Folk Metal appealing. Don't ask questions.

Oh. Demons and Wizards can get me going too.
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
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But I'd have to say that smoke on the water (not metal but...)
Haha I didn't think of that one...good choice, I know what to play for you if I ever turn gay
"gurgling infected semen" by AMPUTATED

its the song they play in the "fresh prince death metal" vid
listening to slayer gives me a hard on....



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metal and sexy contradict each other

But if I had to choose it would be Nothing Else Matters...i guess
couldn't think of any metal songs

how about some good hard rock songs

just look into


guns and roses

oh yeah check out metalskool their songs are all about sex and hilarious as hell too.
This is a lame thread.

And lets get it on is by Marvin Gaye.
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Let's F*** - Murderdolls

Look up the lyrics.

Glam Metal is still a type of metal :P

sexiest metal song?

Gorgasm - Stabwound Intercourse
Gorgasm - Lesbian Stool Orgy

Just look up the lyrics.
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sexiest metal song?

Gorgasm - Lesbian Stool Orgy

Just look up the lyrics.

I'm loving it already. *Lights some candles*
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Frantic Disembowelment makes me want to start humping random objects...seriously.

Oh yeah, also I would definitely have sex with Agalloch's "Not Unlike the Waves" playing in the background.
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