My band needs a new singer and we are going to start auditioning new singers pretty soon. My question is, how would we go about this? Would we tell them to bring a song and sing it for us or hand them a sheet with lyrics and ask them to sing it to our song?
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Does your band know any covers? That is a good way to audition a singer.
You could also get the prospects one/ a few of your songs in advance so they can practice.

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Yea, doing a cover would be a great way to go about it. My band covered Inhale by Stone Sour and the singer did it great, and now he's in the band

If you guys have lyrics for an originals and have actually recorded them then do that too. That way you'll know if he/she are right for the band.
Yeah, start with a cover song or two, just to try them out.
If you have quite a few prospective vocalists, and it's hard to choose between them, then give them a recording of one of your own songs to learn and try them all out again. If you still can't choose, give them a set of lyrics for one of your own tunes, but don't tell them how the melody goes, just ask them to interpret it in their own way. This should give you an idea of how natural they are at jamming/writing.
Remember that personality is very important. Make sure that whoever you get is a person you can all get along with. If the best vocalist is annoying in any way or any of you feel you may not be able to get along with them, it's probably better to maybe go with the second best singer, as long as you feel you can get along with them.
Otherwise, you could be setting yourselves up for a lot of problems later on down the line.
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My band held jams at school and let singers walk in to sing with us. Anyone who showed real interest got a burned CD of two or three songs to learn, and then we jammed for real at someone's house.