Ive decided to replace the speakers on my Teisco Checkmate 480 Amp. Its a solid state, and has four 8" speakers. So far i know that the speakers are 8 ohm, and 10 watt each. I'm looking for some new speakers to throw in and I've found some MOD speakers with the correct ohms, yet they are 20 watts. So in other-wards always ask UG before jumping into the unknown. And that's why I am asking if these speakers will do the trick or if i need to keep looking.
I want this old amp to sound new again. Suggestions??

MOD 8" Speakers: MOD8-20 20W Replacement Speakers

Im not very savvy with wiring and junk so ill probably come back here when I have ordered and recieved the speakers i need.
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The speakers will work. You just need to cover the minimum wattage. I'd question whether or not it's worth it to upgrade this amp, though. If the amp holds that much value for you, maybe consider speakers from Weber for it. A little more expensive, but better quality.
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