So I play in a pop-rock band, and I need an acoustic amp that can conquer drums. The many times I've searched online, I can barely find ANYTHING about the actual amps in practice, and the Guitar Center near me only has ONE amp with enough wattage to conquer drums, and it sounds like poo at higher volumes.

Does anyone have any experience with using acoustic amps as practice amps in a rock band? Because I can't find one that does the trick, it seems. Sound quality is obviously of utmost importance.

Any advice or information would be super helpful!

How much do you want to spend? Something like the California Blonde would have little trouble sounding great while conquering a drum set. Ultrasound makes a decent product, too. I have their 50W combo.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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The trick with playing acoustic is get an amp that you will be using as a monitor. Preferabally a tilt back with a line out. Run the line out to the board and get a decent mix in the other monitors. Between having an amp in your face and a monitor mix with the acoustic in it you should have plenty of volume.
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