Ahoy, mateys. Just finished doing a cover of The Number of the Beast and figured I'd share it with you! There's no bass or drums because I couldn't find a backing track that I liked (the ones on guitarbt.com aren't that good).

There's some bad sound clipping and overall bad audio quality due to me farting around with volume levels on my amp and RP350 but hell, it's just a fun song to play and listen to!

As always, rife with mistakes, timing issues, and completely ****ty solos but oh well! I'm not that good of a player! Hahaha

Well guys, fire away! lol

Pretty Good. The solo's were a wack though, lol. But overall it was nice. I especially liked your guitar tone right at the beginning, that was sweet, it's like it was taking me on a ride
I'm pretty sure that effect is present on the album version of NotB although it's more understated than in mine. I don't know the first thing about playing lead guitar, hence the ridiculously ****ty solos. lol It's funny to try, though.

I checked out your track Territorial Pissings and it's pretty damn good. It's got a great driving beat that makes you want to get up and move, awesome job!