I have a couple of questions regarding the wah wah pedal and scales. Im pretty sure that my misunderstanding of scales is due to my lack of music theory knowledge.

From a site such as www.all-guitar-chords.com it will have scales such as pentatonic minor, or a major scale. Beside it will have a chord area where it will have something such as E, F, or G#/Ab. Could someone explain the role of the chord? It this the key?
What type of scale (pentatonic?)

My second question is about the wah-wah, particulary the sound.
What would be some songs or guitarists that use the wah wah? Im familar with obvious examples such as audioslaves like a stone ( tom morrelo) or some of kirk hammets work. What does the wah wah pedal do to the sound of the guitar basically is what im asking.

It's spring break so I'm at my grandparents house 4 days no guitar. Before the break I was getting into it, 3 hours a day every day trying to put in more if i could. Could I lose some progress if I don't play awhile, or will it come back gradually? Life without guitar sucks btw!

In my practices now I do about 45 min chromatic for speed, easy nirvana songs, smoke on the water for 45 mins, easy chords for about an hour and some lessons in my book such as notes on the fifth or sixth string for about 30 mins. Im looking towards some scales. Is this good for begginer practice, or is there something else that you guys would reccomend I should be doing?

I appreciate your help on this, you dont have to answer all of them though.
Scales are the best thing to practise at a beginner stage man.
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I don't know exactly how it works, but a wah-wah basically controls treble output; push it down and you get a treble boost, back up with your heel and the treble is cut. Look at Zakk Wylde's use of the wah on YouTube, I think the video's "Zakk Wylde Epiphone Guitars" or something. I tend to use my wah more like him as opposed to Kirk Hammett or Slash style.

Also, the solo in "Like A Stone" uses a whammy pedal, but I don't think it uses a wah.
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Scales are the best thing to practise at a beginner stage man.

I disagree - chords are.

You can play songs with chords, scales are important in the big picture but not right at the start.

nin3donian - best thing for you to do is keep learning chords and learning songs that use them. It's good to try and recognise the notes your playing from the start but don't worry about scales yet - a good thing to keep in mind when learning guitar is to only learn things if you're going to be able to make use of them. At the moment if you learn scales you'll just be learning them for scales' sake.

Keep at the chords, learn some songs, get good at barre chords, learn more and get familiar with the notes on the guitar. You're own playing will tell you when it's time to learn scales...when you're picking accurately and cleanly and confident enough to attempt some lead stuff you'll want to understand why certain things work over certain chords, that's when scales come into play.
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What scales should I begin to practice when I have a good understanding of chords?
+1. All the scales are based on the Major so it is a good place to start. I started with the Pentatonic but after learning the Major I saw that I should have started there to begin with when learning scales.

After posting my above response, I saw your question about the wah pedal. To get a feel for your wah, learn the Pentatonic Am scale.

While running the scale up and down, rock your wah on every other note accenting the high by rocking the pedal toe down. Pick one of these 2nd notes to bend on and again, rock the pedal toe down. If you have learned pinch-harmonics, you can do this on this note as well with a bend and you will find yourself going "YEAH!!!!".

This was one of the first tricks I learned with my CryBaby and I still love it.