Yeah yeah yeah I used the search bar and came up with squat

Right well I got a crybaby tonight and it works fine on clean, but when I use distortion it gets all ****ed up.

Like for instance, if I have it rocked back on lower strings is gives me a high (higher than its supposed to be anyways) pich grumbling growly sound, and when I rock it forward it comes out flattish.

it works fine on the higher strings but I can rock it back at all on the lower strings or I get that ugly ass grr sound

it makes my low E string sound like a G string with a grr to it instead of a wah...

what do you guys say about this?
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It was such a good suggestion you gave him pi?

yeah, he gave me pi.
I think I might just return it
it was my birthday technically yesterday and got over 100 bucks and the wah
so I think its pretty well smooth sailin

I'm thinkin 535Q?
i have a 535q and it sounds great. what i have found however is that my fuzz HATES it. its fine with distortion tho.
It was probably the Original crybaby?
I dunno, it sounds like it's not supposed to do that.
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if your using it with a distortion or overdrive pedal put the wah infront of the distortion/od
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I heard the orginal dunlop $60 crybaby. I think. are like bad. But thats what I just heard.
You have to learn to use it properly. Rocked fully back is obviously going to be better with a trebly string, i.e the G,B, or E. Honestly, the art of actually USING a wah is completely overlooked by most guitarist. I have an original crybaby and I can make it sound brilliant. I'm afraid it isn't just a pedal you can switch on and not have any other skill with your feet apart from a tap.
Where do you have it in your chain?
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