Well, I like both and the Ibanez is cheaper, so I was thinking in getting that one, but I have read good reviews about the dot too, so which do you people think its better and why?

Note: I play lots of styles "from jazz to metal".
The As73s are very good guitars. They play very well and take distortion (no feedback) good as well.

I personally own a AS103 and have been nothing but pleased with it.
I have an AS73G, essentially the same thing...

It is a very versatile guitar. I can play some good cleans and then all the way up to metalcore, with the right setup.

It does tend to sound thin through digital stuff though...

*they're a bit bassy. I adjusted the bridge pickup a bit, so my bass and treble was *just* under the levels of the mids, before it was a good bit of difference.

They take chorus and reverb very well. Odds are, is that you'll be less than disappointed with the bridge pickup, as I am/was. The neck pickup is good.
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I think the ACH stands for Artcore Ceramic Humbucker. I quite like the ceramics and have no plans to change them. Obviously I preferred the AS73 to the Dot, but the Dot's pickups seem a little hotter, but less well defined. For me the ACH pickups are a perfect match to the AS73. Nothing wrong with the Epi, but the Ibanez is superior in quality, playability and looks. Hell, the F-holes are even bound. The wood is beautiful, and the neck is faster than the Epi. As mentioned the Artcore takes pretty high distortion without uncontrollable feedback. Don't know about the Epi.
Epi Dot. the Epi Dot and Firebird can compete with ibanez's well above their price range easily.