Ok so say I gave you the choice

A Special Faded Gibson SG

or any guitar within the same price range

(1-800 dollars)

which would you choose?

Because i love this guitar, but I am considering returning it to grab a different guitar at guitar center.
Genres? Gear? Gigging?
Genres: Any kind really, mostly Rock, Metal and Blues.
Gear: Amp is a Roland 20x Cube with a monster cable (12 in)
Gigging: (dunno how to answer it)
Sooooooooo basicly you're asking us to choose ANY guitar for under 800$? Why bother even asking its such an open ended question!!
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I wouldn't go with an SG special that is for sure. The low end gibsons are not that great. An epi G400 is a nice buy and cheaper too, so you could get a nice amp upgrade as well. A gretsch electromatic pro jet(solid body since I don't know if you would be open to a semihollow) is a good guitar too, for only about 400 dollars.
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You could try out a epi firebird studio too. Really versatile guitar IMO. Also, the Schecter C1 is a damn good guitar (i personally prefer the CSH-1 but still)
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You could try out a epi firebird studio too. Really versatile guitar IMO. Also, the Schecter C1 is a damn good guitar (i personally prefer the CSH-1 but still)

C1 I'm definitely looking into that. The C-1 Hell raiser is something I wanna grab.
Yeah, a Hellraiser's right around that price so that's what I'd go for.
That or the new BlackJack ATX if you don't like EMGs.
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Baja Telecaster for $799.99 or cheaper at GC
Yamaha Acoustic.
$597/$665.00 <-Tele/VJ Fund. Thank you tax money.
Ibanez Ict700
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Wanna buy:
Ibanez IC400
I'd hunt around for one of the rare, well built Epiphone LP Customs, then I'd use the spare money left over to upgrade the pickups, bridge, tuners, nut and pots. Obviously, re-do all the wiring too at the same time.

Or, I'd try and see if I could get a second hand mid-90's Gibson Studio. I wouldn't get one of the new ones again, but the early and mid-90's ones were superb, and a used one should be fairly cheap.

Or actually, instead of the Gibson Studio, I'd go for the new ESP SA-2 Richie Sambora signature guitar, and use the left over couple of hundred to upgrade the pickups from the standard ESP generic pickups to Gibson BurstBucker #2 and #3.
Ibanez S470. Wide range of sound plus very good whammy bar system makes it very versatile. And it looks beautiful, too! I fell in love with the Ice Blue model!
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I like the Gibson SG Faded, but definitely go check out some others just to be sure.
At that price I'd go for an Epiphone Les Paul Custom or SG Custom. The Gibsons in that price range aren't very good at all.
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Buy a used Gibson SG Standard or Classic.
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Get rid of that **** gibson immediately. Its what, the cheapest gibson? Meaning basically that it is made like total crap, but they still charge you so much because its Gibson. I dont even like Hellraisers but I mean, come on. Its such a superior guitar to that POS gibson.
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The cheapest Gibson is the Melody Maker which gets mostly great reviews.