Im trying to make a folk-power metal song. but i really dont have the idea how is the mains riffs to do it. I hear many folk song and i can say that the "main rythm" is like

Thats all i know. also im asking myself, how you can know the bases or the main riffs or chords of a genre? there is a way to know it? (web) cuz all seems to know except me XD. thanks in advance.
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Um... there isn't a set chord progression or riff of a genre. I wouldn't even like music if that was the case.
hmm maybe i dont explain well..
what i mean is like in the heavy metal implements aeolian,phrygian and power chords based on that.. i want to know whats the main riffs used in folk,power,trash etc. (cuz if you hear, for example, power, the power chords and riffs are pretty similar)
Minor Chords and stuff.
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