ok so.. a friend of mine asked me if he could use an OD pedal as a gain boost for his hybrid marshall amp (avt-something)... i didnt know what to tell him since ive never played a hybrid amp ever... i hope UG knows this kind of stuff
From what I can gather, the AVT has a pre amp tube circuit. If I am not mistaken(but probably am) an OD works with the power amp to overdrive the tubes, so with a SS power amp, your not gonna get a very good tone. A distortion pedal would be better.

IDK though, since my hybrid amp has a tube power circuit.
In short, yes it will work as a gain boost. I don't see how it wouldn't.

I use mine on SS amps for practicing at other places and it tightens up the sound and adds gain if needed, but not a lot. It does what it will do on a tube amp, not necessarily the same exact thing, but it will add gain and tighten your sound.
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