I really like that opening riff It actaully sounds a lot like Dream Theatre to me.

2nd riff is good too. The synth line sounds great.

The chord progression for the chorus is really good, and the strings sound very dramatic. The guitars are little bit too loud though.

Woah, the up-tempo solo section is really cool. But now you needto turn the guitar UP lol.

REALLY good riff at 97.

Good piece dude, 9/10.

If you could crit the last one in my sig, that would be great.
I'm a person.
I thought it was really cool. The riff that was in 5/8 was my favourite. I just wish that the solos were longer, then I really would have liked it. The intro riffs could be a little less "middle eastern chug" (that's what I call it) imo. Really good work.
loved the first couple riffs. They were very catchy and i actually starred bobbing my head. and could definitely see the symphony X infuences in that. Good job.