i am buying a crate palomino v16 soon (tried the 30 and 50 watt versions in the store today and loved them, but they didn't have the 15 watt in stock so I'm waiting for it), and the amp really gives me the kinds of tones I want. My favorite bands are led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, the who, the rolling stones, and the beatles, so I'm looking for a classic rock tone, particularly one like jimmy page's from "led zeppelin II" and his live tones from "how the west was won."

I have a schecter c-1 plus with stock pickups, so what do you guys think I should switch the pickups with to get the best tone for that jimmy page sound with a crate palomino v16?

I'm thinking the seymour duncan 59/59 combo would work best since these pickups are based on the exact same pickups jimmy page used to have in his les pauls.

So any suggestions?
The 59's work out quite well for Page tones, especially '72+ live tones which includes How the West Was Won. LZII tones are little trickier because of the amp, but the 59's will do just great. You should have no problem covering the Who, Stones, etc... with them too

and just to note... although the 59's are geared more towards paf type tones, the bridge position pulls off a great "T-Top" tone as well. Page switched to a T-Top in the bridge position in '72, slightly before the performances you hear on HTWWW. Just a fun piece of info...
alright thanks for the response. I'm a huge zeppelin fan but I couldn't find too much information of page's pickups so thanks for that interesting fact haha. anyone else?
alright thanks a lot man

and which one do you think is better for the kind of music I want to play; a crate palomino v16 or a peavey classic 30?

I'm hearing all over these boards that the peavey is a much better choice

And I found a peavey classic 50 on craiglist for only $300, so I'm really considering it right now.
Between those two, the Classic 30. The Palominos always had a little fizz in them I didn't like, probably just the speaker or the stock tubes. Still a good amp I just prefer the Classic 30 more
A set of Bareknuckle Black Dogs? Great pickups, and I believe the clue is in the title...

As for an amp, the Classic 30 is a better built and more 'serious' amp for the price.
i think you'll be surprised by your stock ones through a decent amp
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Page gets his sound out of any setup

but if you have money go for the PAF Bare Knuckle Mules or the literal named Black Dog set

EDIT: i've just seen someone's already mentioned that - well done