I have a really nice fender strat deluxe which I don't wish to lose, but it seems some of the higher frets fall out of tune. My intonation is perfect. Open and 12th frets fall flawlessly together. But hit say the 15 or 18th fret and the note is FLAT!

Is there something a shop can do to treat such a problem? Or do I need to start looking for a new guitar?


PS - It seems with an American fender strat deluxe quality controls would have prevented a guitar like this entering the market. the tuning at the higher frets is abysmal.
I take it from the lack of reply that there is no existing technique used to move frets to appropriate positions? Can someone verify this so I at least know I have to buy a new guitar? Or is there another way to get these frets in tune?
if you think that the lower frets are wrong you would have to get a luthier to look at it, but i would have thought it unlikely unless the guitar wasnt made properly
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the intonation is fine. 12th and open line up great in pitch. but like the 9th fret or 17th fret and such don't. I can't really figure out what necessarily the earvana does. Is there some other factor I don't know about that is affecting the pitch of these frets b/c, same here, I would think fender deluxes would not be put on the market with such poor craftsmanship.

Any ideas?

Also, can a luthier fix this? How much does that cost? I do like this guitar other than the aforementioned problem.
Well, you have to understand that the guitar is what's called a tempered instrument. All notes are an approximation and a compromise. Intonation does its best to correct this, but it's in no way perfect.

The Earvana nut and the Buzz Feiten system are two methods of combating intonation problems.

There is also a new system called the True Temperament neck...
This is how it looks, and how frets would be required to be shaped to actually be perfectly in tune:
hmm, this may be. I think the difference is unacceptably large in my case though. some of these notes seems horribly off. How far would earvana go in fixing this? I cannot live with this guitar the way it is.
If you check out Earvana's website, you'll see their compensation chart. Look around.

Searching for an alternative rout to modification...Have you properly set up the guitar? Too much relief in the neck can cause notes to sound horribly out of tune?
How high are your pickups? If they're set too high, the magnets can pull on the strings, setting intonation off.
When you say relief in the neck, are you talking about the truss rod. That may be b/c I did mess with it after a professional setup and tightened it (I don't remember why I did it), but I've been thinking that may have affected my intonation.
If you don't know what you are doing stop. I have seen more guitars junked because of truss rods being adjusted the wrong way or way too much. Take it in it might be a simple low cost fix.
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