I always wanted to make a catchy music box type sound. Today i sat down and with out knowing had a riff in mind and wrote this. I think I did well on the lead. The rhodes piano is always my favorite. So yeah leave some feed back and I'll be happy to give some of my feedback on your work.
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that is awesome man. real soothing and also the main theme is great, real smooth and all flows well together have u tried to record the song cause a proper version shall be great
Yeah i plan on doing a recording when i get better gear. Also its guna be a full song with lyrics also lol. Hopefully i can finish it cus i always end up starting something new lol. I got like 5 songs i havent finished .
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lol its all about being dedicated and i bet when u start something new u feelings for that other track disappears lol
That was soothing.
It's something I could just sit
down with a cup of tea and listen to.

10/10. no flaws.

can i put it on cd and give it to my mum?


That's a very interesting concept you have. I thoroughly enjoyed the chill soothing part but at about measure 18 it lost that nice feeling of a music box and went it to the kind of, "Oh Sh*t!" music from a movie like something is about to happen. Either way, that'd be a badass music box. Not neccesarily something I forsee being a childhood favorite past measure 17 but it was nice. Good job.

Can anyone tell me how to make a GP file a zip so I can attach a song I wrote.

And when I post mint JT, can you give me some feedback please?
Yeah dude ill give u feedback on mint . Its fairly easy to make a zip file. Usually if u have winrar or winzip u would just go and right click on yur desktop and then click new winzip or zip folder. Then name it as your song title. Later just grab your files and move them into the zip folder. And then post it online here using the manage attachments button.
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