All instruments and vocals are done by myself, drums take a little while to kick in, halfway through the first verse.

latest recording, recorded using a eurorack ub802, a shure sm57 microphone and a copy of cubase, guitar and bass are DI and drums are synthesized.

crit for crit of course
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Thanks for the crit!

Nice guitar crunch sound at the beginning. Strange synth sounds, I'm not really decided on whether I like them or not. The chorus is catchy, you can sing along with it easily. Maybe the vocals are a little tinny, but you haven't lost clarity because of it so it's not that big a deal.

After a while the guitar starts to get repetitive, in the verse part especially -Maybe you could think about changing that up a little.

Overall it's a nice solid song, with a catchy rhythm and tune (especially the chorus). BTW, kudos for the decent guitar sound on DI - That can be tough.

hey thanks for the crit, I know what you mean about the guitar riff. I was going for repetitive as you can tell by the lyrics, but I think after a while it becomes a bit dull. This is only a first take though-so something i can work on later. I'm quite happy with the sound of the guitar as usually I record through a mic hung over an amp but I went for DI this time for clarity as a lot of my other recordings end up sounding like thick stew!

I need to change the drums as well, at the moment theyre very basic and obviously synthesized. I'll play live drums on the next recording I think.

Oh the noises in the first verse are guitar reversed, I played what I wanted to play backwards and reversed it in cubase.
“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP
i really like it, quite catchy. I started off not liking the vocals, but they definitely warmed up to me by the middle of the song. Got that old style sassy sound. Definitely well written and recorded. Good work.
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Cheers! Great vocals with a little 'tude - Nice! Catchy fetchy regge feel to it...kinda took me back to the 80's. Not that I remember the 80's too well??? The ending seemed a little abrubt, but no biggie. ......Peace
I like the lyrics and the way they're sung.^^
It doesn't matter if the drums are synthesized but they're too silent. :S And I think the sound of the guitar is too distorted. Beside that the song is good and I like it... But if you hear the song just in the background while you're doing something else it might get kinda boring. But it's a great song when you really listen to it. Thats maybe caused by the guitar... it ever sounds the same... o.O I think it would be easier to listen to it if the guitar won't play 2-4 beats... That makes the song more interesting.
But all in all its quite very good.