After years of using a pre-set board, I have decided to build a custom set up from the ground up. I have purchased a few items but must call on the gods of this forum to help me finish it off.
Let met give you the particulars and I would love any feed back.

Amp: Fender Blues Deville (4x10) reissue. Just added new tubes sounds awesome and it has increased the head room.
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster,(American) Noiseless Pick-up set up
Fender Stratocaster,(American) HSS
Gibson Les Paul Jr.
Music: Blues, Southern, rock, Jazz

Have or Ordered:

SKB 55 Stage 5 pedal Board (ordered)
Line 6 DL4 (delay)
Electro-Harmonics Holy Grail plus (Reverb)
Vox V847 Wah
Barber “Sonic Press” (Compression)
Seymour-Duncan “Shape Shifter”
Boss Blues Driver
Boss TU-2 Tuner:

Stumped on the following
Overdrive: ?
Distortion: ?
Chorus: ?
Volume Pedal ?
I’m not sure if I need a suppression pedal? I guess I will find out once I hook it all up.

I do want the Electro-Harmonics POG and I’m very impressed with the “Fulltone” OCD.

I would appreciate any input given.


ZZ Hop
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if your looking for a decent analog chorus thats not too harsh on the wallet the ibanez cs9 is pretty solid

and if by suppressor you mean a noisegate, it couldnt hurt to get an isp decimator if you can spare the change
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.