Hey guys,

Lots of gear for sale! Reasons for sale being that I bought a PRS recently, so I need to pay off my overdraft – I’ll be sad to see lots of these things go….

Summary & prices of items for sale:



Ibanez RG570 (‘91 MIJ) - £350 (the purple / pink axe!)

Washburn CP2003 - £400

Yamaha BB614 - £180


Ibanez RG7421 neck (without tuners) £80
Ibanez RG7321 body (with Dimarzio pots, ibanez switch, bridge) (note, neck fits body) £70
Set of 7 tuners (6 Gotoh tuners and an original Ibanez Universe tuner) £20
Dimarzio Blaze neck (custom order GREEN) £40
**SOLD** Dimarzio Evo7 (green) **SOLD**
**SOLD** Ibanez green knobs & switch tip **SOLD**
Green Dimarzio clip-lock strap £5


^Will be happy to sell cheaper if you buy neck&tuners&body^

Seymour Duncan JB - almost new, comes with box. £40
DMZ Evolution neck, DMZ Evolution bridge - £70 for both or £35 each.

OFR pivots (paint chipped on 1 pivot) - £5

Original 70’s Fender brass knobs - £35

Schaller locking tuners - £20

Scalloped neck (incl. brass nut, string tree, 4 bolts, neck plate) - £25

42mm OFR sustain block - £10

Kahler bridge – complete set, including nut and screws - £60

Spanish/acoustic guitar tuners - £10

Washburn active H/S pickup set w/ pre-amp, pots, jack (note: no wiring diagram) - £15

MXR ZW-44 Zakk Wylde overdrive - £40
MXR Phase 90 - £40
SD pick-up booster - £40
Boss DD-2 - £60

**SOLD** Digitech DigiDelay X series -£40 **SOLD**

**SOLD** Boss RBF-10 half rack flanger – rare - £25 ** SOLD**

Ibanez RG570 (‘91 MIJ) –Good condition, couple of dings, biggest one being an indentation on lower horn, approx 8mm wide and 3mm deep. Neck-joint paint crack typical for this Ibanez of this period – it is completely stable however. Original Ibanez tremolo (holds in tune v. well). Gotoh tuners, original Ibanez hardware elsewhere.
Upgraded electronics: DMZ PAF Pro (neck) – DMZ HS-2 – SD Duncan Distortion.

Ibanez RG7421 / RG7321
(7321 neck on 7421 body, original 7421 neck broken by previous owner – I repaired and restored the guitar).
Rosewood fb/maple neck/basswood body. 6 Gotoh tuners and an original Ibanez Universe tuner to make up 7.Very rare Ibanez green control knobs & switch tip – purchased directly from dealer. DMZ Blaze neck / DMZ Evolution 7 pickups, DMZ pots.

Washburn CP2003
Set-neck, very rare, completely upgraded & modified. Originally signed by Dimebag Darrell, but signature has long come off – you can only take my word for this to be true…
OFR bridge, Buzz Feiten intonation, DMZ Air Norton / DMZ X2N. Skull control knobs, fully scalloped neck.

Yamaha BB614 Bass
Great condition, active circuit (3 band eq), only 2 years old with v little used. Some minor dings and scratches.

All parts in good working order. All pedals have had minimal gigging use and are in perfect working order with only some exterior paint damage.

I’m based in the UK, so shipping from here obviously. Shipping costs not included in prices above. Payment - bank transfer / cheque / paypal. Have 70+ positive feedbacks on ebay with 100% rating with username roman_sub. Will take some more photos of the RG570 ASAP. Please ask if you have any more specific questions. I have some hardcases for the guitars, which I can send them with. Prices can be negotiated within reason as the guitars and some of the older items here are hard to value. Please note these items are advertised elsewhere too.

Any questions – please post in the thread, PM, or email directly on roman_sub<at>hotmail<dot>com

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Interested in the EVO bridge pickup and Schaller locking tuner. Can you drop the price a little?

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Had an offer for tuners, sale pending.

The price of the Evo's is very reasonable IMO as on ebay they usually hit the £40 mark each time! I'm happy to do £37 for Evo bridge inc shipping. PM if interested.

May be adding Seymour Duncan Jazz & Seymour Duncan JB to the list if there's interest in them. PM!

I'll think about it.

Free bump for you.

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I remember my first erection. I went to my dad and was like "Do I have Aids???". I seriously thought there was something wrong with me.

Interested in MXR Phase 90. What condition is it in aesthetically? Looks good from the photos, but any other dents/chips on it?