This is my first post in this forum, so i'll do what I can.

Back story: This piece reflects upon me, and who i percieved myself to be, before I decided to better myself.

I'm not completely satisfied with what i've written, I feel that this could be worked on, hence the reason i'm posting in here.

Without further adieu.

"I look upon an old friend,
He was an asshole,
Thinking he was selfless,
He was just arrogant.

Blaming life for his own problems,
His ignorance tore himself apart,
Without even knowing it,
Seemingly standing along,
His broken thoughts worsened,

This old friend, I encounter,
He speaks his story,
His words are filled with deceit
I am ashamed to know him

His mind is twisted
Manipulating the truth
His eyes say, what his voice never dares
His words are poison,
No, no more will he,
Infect those around him.

Without a thought,
I turn my back on him,
I walk away,
He chases me down,
Tries to hold me back,
No, not this time.

I will never let him plague me,
Those I hold dear,
I will never let his taint
Take a hold of me again.

I break free from his influence
He slips away,
He tries to take me with him
No, I won’t let him take me
Falling away,
His last words, fall into silence

Walking away,
I focus on who I am
Rather than who he was
I will not fall apart."

I'm not good at crits, but i'll do what I can.

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