Ive seen a bosme50b bass pedal in a shop for £150.00

Anyone got any opinions or can recomend something else would be great thanks

suggitt xxxx
ihave the boss me 50 for my guitar and it is awesome. the zoom G2 SUCKS compared to this
It's good as multi-fx pedals go, and has some great tones, and it's good enough if you want good sounds but aren't too fussed about the greatest sounds. If you only want a few effects, but that sound really good you're better off buying individual pedals.

Main faults with the ME-50B:
You can't mix certain effects together because of how they're organised on it and this can be really frustrating at certain points, especially fi you want to mix the chorus with the flanger or phaser
Secondly the wah sucks, simple as that, if the main effect you think you'll use is the wah then don't buy this pedal.
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I personally love my ME50B.

It can obtain some great tones out of the cheaper basses.

But if you are after top-notch sound FX, buy individual pedals.