hi guys, the band i'm in now is a normal metal band, nothing extremely heavy so, the aspect of death vocals do not attract me for the vocalist, but i just wondered how he could go about getting a clear enough voice so tht the lyrics could be heard clearer but whiolst still keeping the strength a grittiness tht alot of metal vocalists have
if you have the time oculd you please have a look and tell me what you think with any advice would be nice, thanks

p.s it's a recording of one of our gigs so if you get far enough in the solos are a little quiet but the vocals are quite clear in most of the songs
Hm well he does have his own style, but the words aren't very clear like you say. Maybe just ask him to learn to articulate better? I mean articulation hasn't got much to do with the singing apparatus, so I don't think there's any real advice you can give besides "be more articulate".

I personally find his voice to be quite annoying but I find Mustaine's to be that too. Nice solo though.