I'm going on a trip with some friends over the summer, and one of my friends is taking her acoustic guitar, and I was gonna take my bass, but it is too awkward to bring my bass, and an amp.

So I'm looking for an electro acoustic bass to take with me. I'm looking for somewhere in the price range of £100 (which is $198 atm). All help appreciated.
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You aren't going to find anything for £100. I managed to get a Takamine acoustic bass for £350, but it's not fantastic.

The response you will get is the only one worth buying is a Thunderchief, which I think is by Tacoma. This is pretty much the only Acoustic bass with any volume and tone comparable to an acoustic guitars.
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there is a thunderchief version for 300$ i thnk
it was like a squier version of it
i think the name of the brand was olympia but i am no sure
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Ok, so the cheapest one there is about £200...I'm gonna have to either start saving, or take my cello.
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What about the Olympia OB3CE acoustic bass? I've ordered mine for £200, should come this week. From the various reviews I've read, it's almost the same as it's more expensive sibling - the Tacoma Thunderchief and at a fraction of the price.

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_oSlctzUwI

I'll post some form of review when I get mine this week, the music store had to order it through Europe.

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