I'm about to start buying some new pedals and i need some recommendations. My two biggest influences are Incubus and Muse. I'm trying to get their space-like and completely out their tone. Any suggestions?
Well, what's your amp first?
Space-like. hmm... Maybe a chorus or flanger or a phaser or something? Maybe a delay?
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A good Fuzz is essential.
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+1 2 chorus,flanger,phaser and delay maybe a wah 2 do u have a good amp?
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Definitely a nice delay.
A fuzz factory if you want bellamy's crazy sounds.
Flanger gives a spacey feel as well.
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yeah you have to have a flange/phaser. also a delay and chorus will be pretty crucial.

check out the line 6 modulation pedal the one thats like the dl4 pedal. those things are amazing.