When you plug multiple effects pedals in I have heard about it draining your tone or what not... do most pedals do this or only some, cause I heard some have true bypass. Like would a few boss pedals and a wah drain your tone a lot, not noticeably, or none?
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Boss pedals drain your tone.

totally ****in true! but dont underestimate line6
The untrained ear probably wouldn't notice, but it also depends on the particular pedal.
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yeah look for some pedals with true bypass
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Also depends on the tone of the amp you are trying preserve... I wouldn't worry about it with your amps. But yeah, one boss pedal, the dd6 which is particularly bad about tone suck, is enough for me to notice a change in my tone. I still love the pedal, but I'm likely going to get a line selector pedal next paycheck to remedy this problem.

i have a DD-6 and it's fine... it reproduces my tone really well, and since it's in my amp's effect loop, it doesn't seem to suck the tone too bad at all. i also have a boss chorus, and a flange that is basically a boss knock-off.

even with all these plugged into my effect loop, i still notice no added noise besides the small ambient sound of the effect when it's turned on and i'm not playing anything. when the pedals are off, there's no noise at all besides the small amount of noise my amp makes when it's on and nobody's playing.

i think it kind of depends on the amp. mine is an expensive all-tube marshall with an effect loop. perhaps plugging directly into a small practice amp will sound worse. either way, i like boss pedals