Hi i'm looking at buying one of those, ive played one myself in tin pan alley yesterday but i was wondering if any one owned one or had an opinion on this beuatiful looking and sounding guitar

Case you want to know anything about here is a link http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gretsch-Guitars-G5135-Electromatic-Corvette?sku=513281
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Just hit all the strings at once, raping your e string and making retardly out of place pinch harmonics

oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


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ive played one, and thought it was pretty nice for the price. Then i plugged it in and was even more enthralled by it. I was in love, that was until i plugged this one it:

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lol it kinda looks like brain mays guitar
the red special or w.e its called
just give me a fender and let me rip