Hey guys - this might be a bit long but i'll get there - just to give you a quick overview:

Year 2001 - acquired bog standard Squier Strat - first guitar, as you do - colour was dark blue with simple white scratchplate and white pup covers

so a year later i had enough of this and was a bit better at playing - decided to get the ol' paint out - changed from blue to black with white plate and black pup covers

more boredom set in months later and was a fair bit better for tone so i whacked in some standard single coils of a battered mex. strat - sounded pretty cool

bout 2002 - colouring needed so painted whole thing black (has maple board btw) with black plate and black pup covers - very, ummmm metal.

2003 - into my Van Halen kill guitar phase - ripped it all up - grabbed the industrial paint thinner and set to work - got it down to the bare wood which looked AMAZING and gave it a clear gloss laquer coat to seal it. THEN made custom plate with one EMGHZ bucker for the Van Halen look - yes i WAS mad! - Sounded good an heavy though.

stayed like that for a bit until i got bored of Halen and was playing A LOT of Floyd stuff - so what do i do? Of course, grab a set of Gilmour EMG's with the expander and presence pots - expensive but superb sound and best cleans money can buy - still wood finish

2007 - did a quick disco paint-job (will show pics later) for a Disco Inferno production

painted it AGAIN - fully white - i will keep it this colour - simple, bright, clean - nice

2008 - found the cleans to be 10/10 but the EMG's just didnt cut it with my Engl or Orange - so bought a HSS set of Bare Knuckles (a steal at £80 for the whole lot off ebay) - consists of Cold Sweat (my fav. pup ever) and two Trilogies.

And that my friends, is currently where i am now.

SO could people share some ideas, thoughts or photos of what might be a good, crazy or fine sounding things to do to the axe next - maybe you think its good enough or i should have done something else
If you have done some amazing, silly or downright mental paintjob or Van Halen makeover on your guitar, share your stories and/or photos

P.S i will try and post photos of the guitar at many of its stages - tell me what you think - i totally accept neg. comment - i cringe at stuff ive done to it, but its a learning exp. and the beast has shone through to this day from its birth in 1999.
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I took my first guitar, a Hondo SG... and restained it with red wood dye (cherry finish for mahagony) it showed the grain more, and was not as shiny as before. raised the action and played with my amps to try to emulate Angus. fun times.
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now thats a top idea that didnt come to me before!

thanks for that - i'll really take wood stain into consideration - trip down to B&Q is in order (sorry if youre not uk)
i'd thought i would bring this back from the dead.....

send it to the grave if you will - but SO open to ideas!
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