I posted a thread on Friday with a metal song i was working on, and it is now finished. I did the rest last night but couldn't be bothered to post a thread, so here it is now. Tell me what you think of it, and i will return the favour if you leave a link.

It is in my profile or in my sig, called Halls Of The Damned. Thanks
this sounds rly good! drums sound good too. can u send me guitar pro haha!
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I dont really think you could call it a song but you have enough sweet riffs to make like 3
That's the jizz
Thanks. Actually i used Beatcraft for my drums in this one. Probably should have mentioned that...
Awesome dude. Total thrash tastic. The bass drum **** is just classic. U asked what i used for drums over on my thread. I'm guessing it's cos you have the same problem as i do with RSE GP5 drums sounding god awful. I now use drum site and improt the GP5 drumlines as midi and it works awsomely. The one you've got sounds ****ing good 2. Speciallt for the bass drum. Awesome dude.

Poo...forgot you're not allowed to swear here