So I was looking into options about getting drum tracks. I don't have a lot of recording equipment to make excellent drum tracks, but I have a few mic's that I could hook up. My drummer friend well... plays drums. He's not that technological, so he wouldn't really know how to program drums on the computer. I was checking out drumagog.

It's supposed to like, replace drum tracks with pro sounding tracks? Have you guys heard of this? Do you have any examples (before and after)? What exactly does it do? What programs does it work for?

Any help is a appreciated.

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yes awsome. you use whatever audio you have recorded (say ****ty drums) to trigger other audio samples (awsome drum samples) you can drag in all your samples and drumagog replaces them randomly for a more natural feel like a real drummer. just make sure your capable of some type of internal busing for this all to work.

*i think i have an example actually, if i can find it
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