I recently fell in love with the sound of rockabilly guitar. Anyone out there know what techniques/scales I need to start learning to get this sound? Also, I'm curious on what type of effects I'm going to need to put into the guitar, since I'm not at a point right now in which I can purchase a semi-hollow body.

Thanks cool cats
It's all about your right hand technique. Look up rockabilly on YouTube. I remember there were a lot of good lessons. The left hand will be mostly comprised of chords with lead mixed in over the chords.
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Alright, I'm curious on what effects to use to get that right tone though. I'm playing around with echo and reverb, but not achieving the desired results.
brian setzer plays alot of his stuff staight into his amp but on ocasion he uses some slap back, to get a good rockabilly sound you need lots of treble and walking bass lines seem do the trick, if you can do em with your guitar at the same time.
lots of open chord stuff.learn some of his whammy techniques there fairly good as well.

EDIT:reverb is good as well
good luck BTW rockabilly pwns
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Slapback echo is used a lot in rockabilly. If you have a delay pedal, set it to about 100-200ms and turn the feedback and repeats down. Analog delay sounds better than digital for slapback. Reverb is used sometimes, but not much more than in any other genre.
Thanks for all the great tips. I'll give it a try now
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