new band has lead to new guitar tuning and the singer prefers to sing in C# and we are playing in drop tuning. i will be using my floyd rose redmond guitar with the speed loader trem so after i get it set up for thicker strings at lower tuning it will stay in tune perfectly so thats not an issue. at the minute in standard tuning i am using guage .10 strings and on this guitar they feel a bit tighter than the other guitars i have strung with same strings.

so the question is...do i use guage .11 strings (bearing in mind the strings are a little tighter on this guitar than say a fender stratocaster so they may be firm enough without going any thicker) or do i got for guage .12's?

any help much appreciated. thanks. Gorham.
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I use .11's for D standard and when I drop C they are awful loose. So they might not be too loose for C#. I would try .11's first, and you can always just get .12 if you dont like the feel.
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Use 0.12's for the low C# and use 0.10's or 0.11's for the higher strings, if you prefer to have a bit more strength in your strings. Although combining string gauges can sometimes be a little bit weird on your neck, most quality guitars, particulary 25" scale necks, will withstand the difference in pressure.
12 or mabi even 13 try getting the "slinky but not slinkey's" they will be in the purple pack i think. They basicly go from anything to anything i play in diffrant tunings all the time and i can get standerd all way down to drop B with them, god there the best strings ever made.