ok folks I'm upgradein my rig here soon and I've been looking at some new cabs. I've got my mind set on a couple and I dono witch one to get.

Randall Warhead 2x15

Randall RS124CX 2x12" 1x15"

I play grindcore,hardcore,expermental with my band, but I like to play old 80's metal and some bluse to. I'm looking for a solid half stack for playing live, gigging. what ever cab I get is gona have a 5150 ll or a Orange Tiny Terror on top of it.

Other opinions are appreciated, my price range is around $450, I need the rest of the cash for a noise supressor.

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Isn't the first one a bass cab?
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orange have great low end nice and tight and lots of it but it is bright orange
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Good luck getting a Warhead as if I remember correctly they are discontinued, so you'll have to look on eBay. But if you can get one, you won't be disappointed, they are great amps; especially for 80's metal. Also, Dimebag Darrel used them in his Pantera days if you are into Pantera.
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http://vadercabinets.com/ the VC212BK is $399. These cabs are becoming more and more popular in metal, they haven a ton of low end. I'm going to get one as soon as my JSX cab sells.

There 2x15s and 4x12s are killer
Go for the Vader, I might be biased but there is a reason why.
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